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Joint is one of the biggest and most innovative Youth Association in Italy. It is the Italian member of ICYE global network, the coordinator of the Italian Network for European Volunteering (RIVE) and the coordinator of an informal network recognized by European Union counting on 232 international partners. Joint focus on providing learning opportunities to young people through international experiences such as European Solidarity Corps, International volunteering, Work Camps, local and international Training Courses, Youth Exchanges and Capacity Building Projects focusing on advocacy, active participation, intercultural learning, social entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism.

My Small Help Peru supports children and young adults with disabilities or low economic resources in the Cusco region by providing them access to basic education, health care and skills training as well as developing medium and long-term sustainable projects to improve their chances to having a brighter future.

Service Volontaire International (SVI) is a non-profit, pluralistic, apolitical and non-religious, French-speaking association created by and for volunteers. SVI is one of the more active organisations in international volunteering in French-speaking countries, with offices in Belgium, France, Switzerland and is also active in Quebec. Through local and international activities, SVI seeks to encourage young people to be active in the society in which they live. SVI helps them to become Responsible, Active, Critical and Solidarity World Citizens (CRACS).

Rota Jovem is a non-profit organisation, based in Cascais, that promote and support Youth Programmes since 1992. The secret of the association is to be an open door to new projects and ideas, a place where youngsters can achieve their dreams and projects with their support. Rota Jovem counts over 1600 subrcribers and they are active in many different fields such non-formal education, ecology, youth mobility and more.

VIMEX A. C. founded in 1985, is a non-profit organization that promotes global solidarity, tolerance, and mutual understanding among the different cultures of the world, through international labor camps.

Born in the IPN Campus Zacatenco in Mexico, CDMX promoting International Voluntary Work Camps in Europe. Due to the earthquake of 85, its members become aware that there is much to do for Mexico, so international labor camps were organized for the reconstruction of houses in poor conditions.

Grenzenlos (former ICYE Austria) is part of an international youth exchange network (the ICYE Federation). It was founded in 1949 as a pacifist programme standing in for tolerance and re-conciliation between different cultures. ICYE became a symbol for tolerance and peace and was appointed as Peace Messenger by the UN in 1987. Since 1996, ICYE participates in the EVS. In 1998 it became the implementor of the EVS MELANGE special event project, which resulted in a partnership between EVS organisations and municipal departments. After this special event, Melange became an institutionalized EVS Programm in Vienna, focusing on high quality standards within EVS, and is implemented by Grenzenlos with the help and support of Vienna’s youth department and the youth information centre. In 1999 the focus was set on the increase of mobility for handicapped, the opening of volunteer actions in Eastern Europe, as well as maximizing inclusion of disadvantaged youngsters, eg. from migrant background.

Jeunesse et Reconstruction is a youth organisation. Its aim is to favour and promote international youth exchanges, through the means of voluntary service, regardless of social, racial or religious background to develop personal commitment in a group or individual activity. Jeunesse et Reconstruction is a member of Alliance, ICYE, CCSVI (UNESCO), COTRAVAUX. It was established in 1948 and its main activities are organising workcamps, in France and abroad through its network of partners. Jeunesse et Reconstruction has 8 full-time permanent employees in its 4 offices in France and throughout its history has involved more than 100.000 young people in its activities. Currently, it is sending about 1.000 French volunteers abroad every year to its 67 partner countries and hosting about 500 in its 60 workcamps in France. Jeunesse et Reconstruction is also active in mid-term and long-term volunteering, seminars and training courses, traineeships, language training, and international mobility in general.

Team for Youth Association  is a nongovernmental organization born in Baia Mare, Romania, in 2008. The vision that brought our team together is building an authentic, original society. For that, we established as mission to stimulate youngsters to develop themselves through voluntary work, international mobility and non-formal education, in a multicultural environment.   The values that define our work are voluntarism, tolerance, team spirit, innovation, quality and excellence.

The learning environment in Team for Youth is based on continuous learning and experiential learning, for that, we are offering experiences to youngsters and we lead their learning process through debriefing and facilitated discussions. At the same time, we function in an intercultural environment and we value and promote diversity as a source for learning.

T4UTH is involved in the sending of volunteers trough international projects.

BRÚJULA Intercultural is an association created in June 2017 in the province of Burgos (Spain) with the aim to promote mobility and learning opportunities among young people (between 14 and 30 years old) in the region. The mission of the organization is to provide non-formal education opportunities for young people in international contexts, involving as many as possible right from the planning stage and trying always to involve others that have never participated before.

The main activities are: Host and send several groups to several Youth exchanges and training courses; promote and work with European Voluntary Service; promote European and International Programs in Burgos; organize different activities in the field of youth within the Erasmus+ program; as well as organize different activities in the field of Non Formal Education (NFE from now on) to young people in the province of Burgos.

Bolivia Digna is a small local NGO based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Bolivia Digna was created in 2006 with the objective to promote and defend the rights of children and teenagers in two disadvantaged communities of the city. The programs entail after-school program, recreational and educative activities. More specifically, help with homework, sports school as a way to promote values, pre-school, arts projects, scientific projects and community projects. As such, Bolivia Digna is able to reach more than 200 children, and 80 children are coming every day to its after school activities.
In the last years, Bolivia Digna started also to collaborate with orphanages, hospitals, programs for homeless people, kindergartens and farm projects.

Voluntario Global aims to help organizations from local communities and neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires to improve the work that they are already doing and work towards strengthening local development together. This help may be in the form of different tools, such as volunteers or donations, or helping them to obtain new funding, grants and training. Voluntario Global also aims to create a network between volunteers and local organizations, promoting the creation of relationships and creating an exchange of culture and ideas which will help both to grow in different ways. Voluntario Global is a group of 5 people and they have been working with communities since 2006.

ICYE Brasil – Associação Brasileira de Intercambio Cultural is a non-profit, multicultural and non-governmental youth organization based in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Its aims and objectives are to enhance peace and understanding between different cultures and nations through the promotion of youth exchange activities. The organization is part of the ICYE Federation (International Cultural Youth Exchange) and works with local and international volunteers throughout informal education and different activities, such us international meetings, preparation of voluntary host families, intercultural learning activities for disadvantaged communities.

Since 1987, it has a wide experience on the mobility fields, as it has hosted volunteers from Europe, South America and Asia; it has promoted intercultural learning, volunteer work with emphasis on long-term voluntary service programs. It offers diverse voluntary experiences in Porto Alegre and the surrounding area with the main focus on supporting the marginalized communities of the favelas by working with children and youth in various youth centers.

The Asociación Colombiana para el Intercambio Juvenil Cultural, ICYE-Colombia is a non-for-profit association founded in 1981, member of the ICYE Federation since 1982, with its main office in Berlin, and representation in the five continents through its Member Organizations and National Committees. The ICYE Federation is composed by 40 country members.

ICYE Colombia provides challenging intercultural experiences for young people, promoting social and personal development through international volunteering programs, promoting also intercultural understanding, equality of opportunity, tolerance and peace among people in the world. encourage them to know about their rights as members of civil society plus creating their organizations and developing their own projects. ICYE Colombia has developed several different projects through the years. The last project was a formal and non -formal education project with the European Commission.

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