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GloRe 2

The project follow-up

And its objectives

Global Recognition Certificate network, in short GloRe 2, (ref num. 2018-3785 ) is a Capacity Building in the Field of Youth funded by the European Union within the Erasmus+ Programme.


General objectives of “Global Recognition Certificate network”:

Overall, this project aims at boosting the development of an informal network of organisations that use the GloRe Certificate System and to increase the quality of the Certification System.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. Create e-learning and NFE tools to support the learning assessment of international volunteers and to help them create their GloRe Certificate
  2. Create e-learning modules to support international volunteers in their volunteering experience
  3. Create e-learning and NFE tools to train new organisations willing to join our network
  4. Improve usability and usefulness of GloRe system for employability purposes
  5. Enlarge the network from 8 to 14 organisations giving to all partners the competences to use the system and fulfilling its quality standards

Promote the Certification System in all countries involved to create national networks of organisations using it.


The flow of the activities

The project consisted of 2 main parts: the 1st with 2 international meetings only with “Old Partners”, so called because they were already involved in the previous Capacity Building “Global Recognition”. In this phase, we created the e-learning modules for international volunteers and we developed training modules and activities to train the new organisations of the project. 

In the 2nd part we had 4 more international meetings – one online due to covid – in which we also involved all the “New Partners”, having in total 7 European and 7 Latin-American partners in the consortium. In this phase, we developed several methodologies, tools and quality standards for the usage of the GloRe Certification System. Then, each partner also had the chance to share the results in one or more dissemination activities.

The Partner

The new organisations to join the network

All the organizations involved in the network have experience in hosting and coordinating international volunteering both through Erasmus+ Program and with not-financed mobility schemes. 

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NB: the GloRe Network Quality Committee reserves the right to open a removal procedure in case of circumstances proving that the organisation does not comply with the GloRe Quality Charter.

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