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How it started

Global Recognition

GloRe (Global Recognition) is a Capacity Building Project Financed by Erasmus+ Program implemented between August 2016 and June 2018. The partner organisations developed during the project a platform to Certify the soft skills acquired through International Volunteering experiences. 

GloRe was initiated by Associazione Joint from Italy, who shared the same vision with 8 other non-profit organizations from Latin America and Europe: SVI from Belgium, Rota Jovem from Portugal, My Small Help from Perù, Vive Mexico from Mexico, Arajuno Road from Ecuador. The design of the GloRe Certification Process was done together with the goal to create a system that can be used by volunteering organisations from all over the world.


The first three types of certification

In Global Recognition project the consortium designed 3 types of certification for international volunteers:


  1. The Participation Certificate, formalising the participation in the volunteering experience. 
  2. The Glore Soft Skills Certificate, that recognizes the Soft Skills shown by the volunteer while volunteering.
  3. The Professional Statement, an extra document provided by the host only to volunteers who demonstrated a professional level in the position performed.


To co-design these main outcomes the consortium implemented 4 International meetings, 8 dissemination events and the mobility of 12 international volunteers, who tested the certification system and promoted it.

The Partner

The first organisations to join the network

All the organizations involved in the network have experience in hosting and coordinating international volunteering both through Erasmus+ Program and with not-financed mobility schemes. 

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NB: the GloRe Network Quality Committee reserves the right to open a removal procedure in case of circumstances proving that the organisation does not comply with the GloRe Quality Charter.

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